Ware Verbond


True Covenant

Current situation

Why a new Tanakh translation? Well, first of all this project is not yet off the ground and is still in the planning stages. The reason though, despite the many different translations out there, is very simple: Every translation in English today has a doctrine to promote.

To state it quite frankly, even without a doctrine to promote we would promote a doctrine of some kind. Although we have very good relations with the Jewish community and similary with some Christian/Messianic, groups the English translations from their midst are all flawed in one way or another.

Our Father and Creator’s Name is omitted, degraded most often, whether He is called, “LORD” or “HaSHEM” it is not His name that He Himself declared to us. The Christians and Messianics like to read the prophecies with their own rules and capitalise letters everywhere to indicate they believe this is the one messiah they are expecting, even though the actual text clearly indicates a different scenario.

We aim to do the same as we have tried with the Afrikaans version currently in progress, by removing ALL references like this. Capitals will be used only for our Father YHWH and for personal names and places as would be normal in English. Our Father’s Name will be printed in Hebrew characters rather than Roman simply to allow the reader to use his own conviction on pronunciation. Even from a Jewish perspective this would fit in with the way the Tanakh is read in Hebrew.

For obvious reason the Tanakh will only include the Tanakh and no Christian books!

Having said all of the above, it is quite clear that there is some form of doctrine present also here and it is true. It is the Doctrine of Tanakh Only! Yes, the capitals are used here also to emphasise. It may be seen by many as Karaite and we share primarily the same belief as the Jewish Karaite they still accept many words in English usage we would prefer not to accept.

However, when this project starts we will have it on the web available for reading. We trust that it would be as beneficial to all English readers as what the Hebrew is to Hebrew readers!