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True Covenant

When we call John, but with the name Gerard, then John will definitely not respond. We will find that the majority of people are very sensitive regarding their names. Your name is your honour. Most people insist that their name – first name, surname or all of it – is spelt correctly. Marcus with a “C” does not want a “K”.

Some parents on the other hand, have pet names for their children and John can quite easily become Little John. This can (and most often does) become a heavy burden, even though it was done with affection. Little John is now 16 years old and 2 metres tall. He hates the name and does not want to be Little John any longer. Maybe he won’t have an argument with his parents, but it can cause serious incidents at school.

Regardless of our insistence of spelling and using our own names correctly, it seems that the Name of our Father is in total disregard ad unimportant. The fact that He is addressed with a title – The LORD – with a dark sun worship origin, escapes most people. Initially Our Creator Elohim did not make His Name known to man and He was known as the Elohim (or El) of Aḇraham. Later the Elohim of Yitsḥak (Isaac) and thereafter as the Elohim of Ya’akoḇ (Jacob). To them He was known primarily as the Almighty (Ěl Shaddai) (Sh’m/Exo 6:2).

However, our Father reveals His Everlasting Name of the Covenant, YHWH, to Moshe (Sh’m/Exo 3:14; 6:2). Yet, bible translators, churches, and others continue to ignore, disregard or even worse, translate it out of Scripture. This indicates a complete lack of respect for our Father YHWH. In some translations when there is reference to the Name JHWH, “the LORD” in capitals is used. When the term adon or adonai is referred to “Lord” or “the Lord” is used. When the term is Adonai YHWH, they use “the Lord God” or “the LORD God”. In many of the newer translations the complete capital usage has disappeared. Yet, YHWH Himself tell us clearly what His Name is forever. His Name of remembrance for ALL generations (Sh’m/Exo 3:15)

“You do not bring the Name of YHWH your Elohim to naught, for YHWH does not leave the one unpunished who brings His Name to naught” (Sh’m/Exo 20:7; D’ḇ/Deut 5:11). That is the well- known third commandment (or word). The Hebrew word translated here with “bring to naught” and elsewhere with “take in vain” is the word “shav”. This is the exact same word used in the ninth commandment and is translated as “false”. The third commandment can very easily be rendered as follows: “You do falsify the Name of YHWH your Elohim, for YHWH does not leave the one unpunished who falsifies His Name”.

The Scripture teaches furthermore: “...YHWH Elohim of your fathers, ..., has sent me to you. This is My Name forever, and this is My remembrance to all generations.” (Sh’m/Exo 3:15). “I am YHWH, that is My Name, and My esteem I do not give to another, nor My praise to idols.” (Yesh 42:8). It is very clear that the Name of YHWH is also His Esteem. Would you like to disown Him of His esteem? The results would be very costly. Through the leadership of Bible translators, different denominations, others we withheld this Respect and Esteem due to our Father YHWH. “Our Redeemer, YHWH of hosts is His Name, the Set-apart One of Yisra’el.” (Yesh 47:4).

It is definitely not always easy to accept, but the time has come for us to worship our Creator Father as He prescribed in His Torah and Scriptures and not as we think or decide we should. The time has come that we address Him with the Name that He revealed to us. That is the Name that we are called by, the Name YHWH!

Below are some of the forms used today. The Names with the “J” however, are definitely wrong in English as the sound “J” was not present in Hebrew or even Greek. The character is the newest in our alphabet:

    YHVH YHWH JHVH JHWH Yahweh Yahveh Yaveh Yaweh Jehova Jehovah Jahova Jahovah
    Yahova Yahovah Jahowa Jahowah Yahavah Jahavah Yahowe Yahoweh Jahaveh Jahaweh
    Yahaveh Yahaweh Jahuweh Yahuweh Jahuwah Yahuwah Yahuah Yah Jah Yahu Yahoo Jahu
    Yahvah Jahvah Jahve Jahveh Yahve Yahwe Yawhu

Although it seems as if the Name of YHWH was hidden and then lost, the latest research has shown that the more correct spelling in English should be YeHoVah. The ‘w’ or ‘v’ should be almost quiet. Until such time that we have absolute certainty, we will use YHWH or YeHoVah on this site in our own writings.

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