Ware Verbond


True Covenant

“Flee from the midst of Baḇel, come out of the land of the Kasdim.”

- Yirmejahu (Jeremia) 50:8

“Flee from the midst of Baḇel, and let each one save his life! Do not be cut off in her crookedness, for this is the time of the vengeance of יהוה, the recompense He is repaying her.”

– Yirmejahu (Jeremia) 51:6

“Come out of Baḇel! Flee from the Kasdim! Declare this with a voice of singing, proclaim it, send it out to the end of the earth!”

- Yeshayahu (Isaia) 48:20

I believe there are definitely people out there, thinking I have lost it all, gone totally mad, lost my grip on reality. The reality though, is: “When our Heavenly Father, YHWH, calls, you listen with care and attention!” Yonah (Jonah) is a good example of someone refusing to listen. I do not believe a fish is going to swallow me. No, but the reality is that YHWH has been calling me since somewhere in 1997, along with my spouse, to come out of Baḇel (Babylon). We did not really understand or knew what He meant. We never thought we were very sinful. We were very much involved at our congregation. Sunday School, Catechesis, choir, camps, outreaches – name it, we did it.

It took us a while to realise what Father meant. In February 2000 He commanded me for the umpteenth time to come out of Baḇel and that that point He also indicated clearly to leave the Dutch Reformed Church (NG) and the congregation we were with. It was not he specific congregation, but the Dutch Reform System – which is the same in most if not all, Afrikaans and English Calvinistic/Presbyterian based churches. We did not realise all of this at that time. Up to this time Father was busy stripping us: Business, house, expensive luxury cars, caravan, high positions, etc. His first command to us: Come out of Babel, we did not do completely.

Well, after we “came out of Baḇel” I received the second command: “Call My people out of Baḇel!”, “Go and pronounce the release of the captives!”, “Bring light to those in darkness!”. Yes, this is a gigantic task. Not many like to believe this. Not many want to believe what they are told. What does it really mean to come out of Baḇel?

Baḇel is the sinful values and customs that came into our worship. Various authors and scholars have shown very clearly how many (or most) of the customs in the “Churches” originated from the Roman Church. They have also shown how the original Babylonian religion – primarily based on sun worship – forms the main theme in the Roman Church. They show how different Babylonian and other heathen festivals, received a ‘Christian’ jacket to supposedly draw the heathen closer. Pitiful, that’s where the majority stopped, they did not realise (and neither did I initially) that is involves also all the lies from the Christian books – The New Testament!

To come out of Baḇel therefore means to BREAK WITH or CUTTING OFF all inherited customs from Rome. To break with it means we have to identify it. In this short essay I do not want to discuss all identified items. Perhaps I will touch briefly on one or two points. I believe it is every true seeker’s duty to diligently investigate. Do not go to the learned and professors at universities and seminaries. Elder and highly respected, he is the head; the prophet who teaches falsehood, he is the tail. For the leaders of this people lead them astray, and those who are guided by them are swallowed up. (Yesh 9:15-16). The Tanakh says that He will write His Torah (law) on our hearts! (Yirm 31:33)

Dani’ěl saw a number of end-time visions. He was however, commanded not to reveal all (Dan 12:4). Tanakh goes further and says that many will diligently search and knowledge will increase. It is my commission to call out the people (those who will listen). In addition I will also provide information and links to information.

Various books are already available, i.e. Restoring Abrahamic Faith, All Roads lead to Rome, Secret History of Jesuit Priests, Smokescreens, The Two Babylons, A Woman Rides the Beast, Come out of her, my people en Fossilized Customs. Two Babylons can also be read on-line or can be downloaded free of charge. You can also order some of these books from us.

What are the items already identified:

masada menora False teaching on the messiah
masada menora Sunday worship
masada menora Easter
masada menora Christmas
masada menora The Cross Symbol
masada menora The Trinity Doctrine
masada menora Ignoring and changing the Name of our Father, YHWH
masada menora The word Amen'
masada menora The Fish Symbol
masada menora Obelisks, Towers, etc.
masada menora Other festivals and ‘holidays’ (i.e. St Valentines Day, Halloween)

Yes, I can feel my ears tingling. I can hear clearly how some that are blind but think they see, are deaf and think they can hear, shout aloud: “Ludicrous!” They shout and say: “We are Free of these things!” Are you?

Please, listen to the Word of YHWH our Elohim when He says: “Arise, shine, for your light has come!” (Yesh 60:1). The time has come. I have no purpose to pick a fight or to get involved in long abusive arguments. My commission I have received. That is what I will do. It is not my task or duty to convince people. That, the Spirit of Truth will do. Anybody wanting to correspond with me is free to do so. Personal assaults, abusiveness or clever talk will get no reaction.

I trust that our Father YHWH will work through His powerful Spirit in your heart for you to receive eyes that see and ears that hear!

(01/2002 Updated 05/2011)