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True Covenant

Welcome to the new Masada English Website!

The purpose of this website is to help the researcher and those searching for answers some direction. For many years the churches – Roman Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical and even Messianic – have tried to throw dust in our eyes. They all claim only they can interpret “The Holy Bible”. Well that is most likely true because they created it! What they have no clue about is the Tanakh – Torah (Teaching/Instruction), Neḇi’im (Prophets) en Ketuḇim (Writings) – of our Father YHWH, because they do not believe it!

According to Torah we receive YHWH’s favour because of our obedience. Yes, we can expand on it, but in principle it is the obedience that obtains the favour and disobedience that loses it. According to YHWH’s word through Mosheh we will live by DOING Torah (D’ḇ/Deut 4:1) and he repeats this again through the prophet Y’ḥezkěl (Ezekiel) 20:10!

This site aims to provide the reader with thought provoking information about the many errors and flaws of the church(es) as so called “followers of YHWH”. If they admit to being Sun worshippers under a different name we can’t say they are wrong in anything, but they definitely are if they claim to follow YHWH. Although we don’t want to get involved too deeply any further with the errors of the church but rather focus on what YHWH asks from us in Torah you will still find a fair amount of articles regarding the church’s lies i.e. Sabbath, the cross, etc.

Finally you will also see what YHWH asks to put your life straight in accordance with Him into a personal relationship with our Creator Father.

Hear, o Yisra’ěl, יהוה our Elohim, יהוה is one! (Deḇ/Deut 6:4)

Are you still at the rivers Baḇel?

Come out of Baḇel!  יהוה (YHWH) calls you out!

(Yir 50:8, Yes 48:20 ea)

"Flee out from the midst of Baḇel, and come out of the land of the Kasdim. And be as rams before the flock!"

(Yirmeyahu 50:8)