Ware Verbond


True Covenant


  • YHWH - alternatives are Yahuweh, Yahueh, Yahweh, Jahweh (Afrikaans/German only), etc. - correction for LORD
  • Elohim or El - instead of God
  • Adonai - instead of Lord
  • Master - alternative for Adonai
  • El Shaddai

Spirit of Elohim

  • Spirit of the Father
  • Spirit of Jahweh/YHWH
  • Set-apart Spirit - Ruach HaKodesh
  • Spirit of Truth - Ruach HaEmet
  • Holy Spirit/Ghost - not used. The word 'holy' has many gentile and sun worship connotations.

Names of People and Places in the Scriptures

  • Y’itsḥak instead of Jacob
  • Y’rushalayim - Jerusalem
  • Bět Leḥem - pronounced Bait Lechem for Bethlehem (the 'ḥ' = 'ch' as the 'ch' in loch)
  • Adonai - instead of Lord
  • Master - alternative for Adonai


  • BCE - Before Common Era (normally known as BC)
  • CE - Common Era (normally known as AD)
  • Set-apart, Kodesh, Qodesh - instead of holy

The reason for the correction of names of people and places is simply to preserve the original and/or to obtain better meaning. Bet Leḥem for instance means House of Bread. Leḥem is Bread and can also be used wider for food. The word "LEHEM" though without the guttural "ch" sound has no meaning. The Hebrew letter that is normally translated with an "H" can be pronounced as a "CH" or "H", depending on the word and syntax.