Ware Verbond


True Covenant


Before we state our beliefs we would like to make the following very clear:

  • This Statement of Beliefs cannot and will not have any relation with any Article of Faith from any group.
  • We have no official connection or connotation with any organisation or group.
  • There is no purpose in lengthy statements.
  • This is not a dogmatic statement.

We believe as follows:

  • Elohim the Creator Father disclosed Himself as YHWH to us in His word.
  • The Scriptures (Hebrew Tanakh), as received were inspired by YHWH Himself and are the only measure according to which we can live.
  • No other writings can have a higher authority than the Word of YHWH.
  • YHWH reveals Himself even today through prophesies, but these have to be tested against the word, since YHWH never contradicts Himself.
  • YHWH = YHWH is ONE!


We believe we (all believers) are called by YHWH Himself to:
  • Be a WATCHMAN according to Y’ḥeskěl (Ezekiel) 3:17-27
  • Proclaim Release for the Captives (Yeshayahu/Isaiah 42:7 / 61:1)
  • Opening of the Prison for the Bound (Yeshayahu/Isaiah 42:7 / 61:1)
  • Bring the Captives out of the Darkness into the Light (Yeshayahu/Isaiah 42:7)
  • Open the Blind Eyes (Yeshayahu/Isaiah 42:7)
The Blindness, Darkness, Captivity, etcetera are caused by the baggage inherited from the Roman Catholic Church and remain in the Protestant Churches and Messianic groups.


We must move as we are guided by the Spirit of YHWH to proclaim the Truth and to eradicate the False Teachings, deeply rooted over the centuries, with root and branch, to bring seekers of truth back to Tanakh so they can return to YHWH!